lotus flower bracelet


    Returning to the murky water each night and opening their blossoms at dawn, lotus flowers are a symbol of strength, endurance, and rebirth. Material: Gold plated brass bracelet. Measurement: 8...

    marigold bracelet


    MARIGOLD, represents the sun and life. The flower of the offering Ancient tradition that decorates the statues of Hindu deities. Material: 18k gold plated brass adjustable flower bracelet. Measurement: 16...

    peacock bracelet


    Beauty and confidence, birds that came to represent royalty and power. This feathered creature managed to become the national bird of INDIA. Material: Gold plated brass bracelet. Measurement: 13.5 cm...

    Taj Mahal bracelet


    At the beginning of the 17th century, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built a magnificent mausoleum that has become an icon of Indian architecture in honor of his favorite Mumtaz...

    Mumtaz bracelet


    Mumtaz, ¨the chosen one of the palace¨. She became the love of the Shah's life, so much so that he ordered the construction of the Taj Mahal, one of the...

    Around the world bracelet


    Handmade bracelet with 8 gold-plated brass threads. You won't take it off! Your piece will be totally unique. That is the magic of crafts.

    Arashiyama Bracelet


    Designed by ikkelele. The famous bamboo forest located on the outskirts of Kyoto. A place of scenic beauty that will catch your arm. Bracelet from The Japanese Beauty collection.

    petals bracelet


    Let yourself be wrapped! Gold-plated bracelet with semiprecious stones: picture jasper. Adjustable.

    Papyrus palmette bracelet


    The palmette originated in Ancient Egypt using the mixture of various flowers, including papyrus and lotus that represented Lower and Upper Egypt and their union. XL art deco style bracelet....

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