love and passion
about us
ikkelele is a philosophy of life. Passion for adventure, travelling and art.
A different brand was born in Alicante with the desire to show all the wonders that the world hides through its designs.
ikkelele reflects a unique personality like each of its original and exclusive pieces. Each ikkelele collection is inspired on unforgettable adventures transformed into delicate and arty wearable objects.
Collections that invite you to travel with your imagination.
Now joined by TREASURES OF THE WORLD, a creative recycling project in which ikkelele searches around the world for unique treasures made by hand with ancestral techniques, to be transformed into art wear in her studio in Alicante, giving a second life to handcrafts in disuse. A sustainable project made 100% by hand.


ikkelele is an ode to creativity and reinventing yourself every day. Our main purpose is to offer a product completely unique and handcrafted with ancestral technics. Technics passed by from generation to generation and with a huge value.
Our love for the art of the artisans is such, that make us aim to preserve and enhance continuity to all these traditional processes.
A 100% artisanal process that makes each piece unique. Feel the beauty of imperfection!

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Accessories Our collections explore all the wonders and cultures of the world. Unique handmade jewelry, inspired on unforgettable adventures and travels, transformed into delicate and arty wearable objects.
Every piece is cut, painted and handmade by talented artisans, rescuing traditional technics. All of them produced in a limited and sustainable way.
Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, full of light, designed in our studio in Alicante. Materials: Handmade in gold plated brass, semiprecious stones, ceramics and colorful meenakari. 
Discover the exciting trip behind every collection.