love and passion
about us
ikkelele is a philosophy of life. Passion for adventure, travelling and art.
A different brand based on love and respect for craftsmanship.
Travelling around the world and finding the most authentic treasures is the origin of ikkelele.
We recently started a new project:
designed by ikkelele, in which loyal to our philosophy, the artisans from India and Spain add the magic and ikkelele the design.
Every piece we create is purposed to make you feel unique


Our main purpose is to offer a product completely unique and handcrafted with ancestral technics. Technics transmitted from generation to generation and with a huge value.
Our love for the art of the artisans is such, that make us aim to preserve and enhance continuity to all these traditional processes, discovered in our travels.
We would like to avoid the present trend towards their extinction.

designed by

Our new project, our baby!
Recently, we started this new adventure, desig- ning our own accessories , created to empower woman uniqueness and timeless essence.
Every piece is modelled, painted and cut by hand, one by one, rescuing traditional processes, thus affording a product which is completely unique. Earrings, necklaces and rings, full of light, handmade by talented artisans, in gold plated brass, semiprecious stones, and colorful meenakari.
Behind every piece of ikkelele, there is a story, an adventurous journey or a cultural soul.